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Pillar Candles, Church Candles. The London Candle Company supply an extensive selection of pillar candles and church candles in a wide range of sizes and colours. Accessorise your dining table with our collection of long burn pillar candles. Popular for their robust exterior and enchanting glow, the use of pillar candles has always been favoured because they burn beautifully.

Our ever popular range of ivory single wick pillar candles are manufactured in Germany. By using 100% paraffin wax and the best quality wick, we guarantee long burn, drip resistant candles. You can also find our long burn large three wick pillar candles.

If you are searching for church altar candles please look no further. Manufactured in the UK and with the addition of a small percentage of beeswax, our church candles radiate the deeper ivory colour and they will suit any interior. Additionally, we stock white pillar candles, which are particularly popular for weddings. Plus, red pillar candles for the Christmas and winter festivities.

Are you looking for candles in bulk or high regular volumes? The London Candle Company also offer bulk buy and group purchase discounts. Contact us sales@londoncandles.uk

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