Liquid Wax Candles

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Our Liquid Wax Candles are an alternative to traditional hard wax candles. With burn times from 12 to 40 hours in stock, The London Candle Company supply top quality, low priced fuel cells at the LOWEST UK prices

Assembled in the USA, the candles burn safely, without odour, and they are ideal for providing atmosphere at your table.  Simply remove the cap,  light the wick, and extinguish and relight as required. Our SoftLight® candles are made from highly refined clear, liquid paraffin that is safe and approved for use in food service operations.  They provide real flame ambience, without the messy drippings and time consuming cleanup associated with wax candles.

As with all candle products, never leave a burning candle unattended.

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  • Liquid Wax Candles
    Liquid Wax Candles