The London Candle Company Blog: 23rd November 2017:

The London Candle Company: Winter & Christmas Candles 2017

Winter & Christmas Candles
Winter & Christmas Candles from The London Candle Company
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The London Candle Company Blog: 23rd November 2017:

Paraffin Lamp Oil

Differences Between Kerosene and Paraffin

While many people think that kerosene and paraffin are basically the same thing, there are some subtle but important differences. Both oils are designed to work perfectly for different appliances, which is why you should keep their differences in mind.

Why Do People Think Kerosene and Paraffin Are the Same?

For the most part, they are basically the same kind of oil. Kerosene is quite often referred to as paraffin in the UK; kerosene is a term typically used in the US.

Having said that, paraffin is mainly designed for use indoors, which is why there are a few differences.

Here are the main differences between kerosene and paraffin and how these differences can affect you.

  • Difference in Odour

If you have ever used kerosene for your home heating system, then you may have noticed that it can carry a particularly strong odour. While this isn’t really a problem when you are using it for your boiler, it would be an issue if you were using it indoors.

  • Refined and Distilled

Paraffin tends to be a more refined and distilled version of kerosene. This makes it more suitable for use within the home. Because paraffin is more refined, it produces a lot less soot.

When Should I Use Kerosene and Paraffin?

Due to the reduced odour and the lack of soot, paraffin lamp oil is designed for use indoors. That’s why it is often a good choice for use in indoor oil lamps. Kerosene, on the other hand, is better suited for use in home heating systems.

The London Candle Company Blog: 7th September 2017:

8 Hour Burn Tea Lights

It’s turned rather autumnal over the last week – and if you’re thinking about beautiful candlelight at the LOWEST UK prices, why not try our 8 hour tea lights? Long burn candles, manufactured in Germany.

8 Hour Tea Lights
8 Hour Tea Lights

The London Candle Company Blog: 27th July 2017:

The London Candle Company Facebook Shopping Page

We have a shopping page on our Facebook page. Please find featured products:


The London Candle Company Blog: 2nd June 2017:

Outdoor Candles, Candle Holders, Bamboo Tiki Torches, Lanterns – Summer 2017

Paraffin lamp oil, floating pond/pool candles, citronella candles and much, much more:



The London Candle Company Blog: 24th April 2017:

5 unexpected things happy people have at home

We are featured in this article from Homify:

The London Candle Company Blog: 9th March 2017:

How to make your home feel cosy

The London Candle Company are featured in this article from Homify:

Beautiful ideas, well worth a read.

The London Candle Company Blog: 13th February 2017:

Looks good, eh? 11 ways to bring Canadian style home

We’ve got a fun list today of 11 ways to bring more Canadian style into your home. Clever accessories and decor touches can make your home feel more like, well, home! The London Candle Company are featured:

The London Candle Company Blog: 24th January 2017:

17 smart ways to spice up your rental bathroom without changing anything

We may not spend as much time in our bathrooms as say, the living room or the kitchen, but having a clean and pleasant salle de bains is equally as important as having a lovely lounge. However, when it comes to picking a rental property, compromise is a part of the process, and it seems as though the bathroom is often the space that suffers.

Our beautiful scented pillar candles are featured in the following Homify article: We think they are most definitely a lovely way to  add simple style to any bathroom:

The London Candle Company Blog: 23rd January 2017:

12 tricks to make your house feel like home

There are a few tricks we can use to make a house feel more like home, and that’s what we’ll be running through today. By creating a welcoming, pleasant and personalised atmosphere you’ll be feeling at home in your house in no time! We are featured in this Homify article:

For all your candles: top quality, long burn and at the lowest UK price:

The London Candle Company Blog: 11th January 2017:

8 Hour Liquid Wax Candles

Lowest UK price from The London Candle Company:

  • 8 Hour Liquid Wax Candles
    8 Hour Liquid Wax Candles

The London Candle Company Blog: 3rd January 2017:

The best wintery scents for your home (you need to know these)

Winter is here and you can match your candles to the season. We are featured in this Homify artice:

The London Candle Company Blog: 19th December 2016:

Delightful decor ideas for the 12 Days of Christmas

We are featured in a Homify article:

The London Candle Company Blog: 14th December 2016:

Christmas & New Year Delivery schedule 2016

Please ensure we receive all orders by 10am on Wednesday 21st December 2016 to ensure delivery before Christmas and the New Year.

We will re-open for despatch on Tuesday 3rd January 2017 and we will recommence our usual next working day delivery service for orders received before 12pm.

If you wish to place orders during the holiday period please email: or call 020 7207 4458.

The London Candle Company Blog: 14th December 2016

12 things people with taste WILL notice in your home

We are featured in a Homify article:   For stylish candles at the LOWEST UK prices, please visit:

The London Candle Company Blog: 21st November 2016:

Winter & Christmas Candles 2016

If you’re looking for top quality candles at the lowest UK prices, then please have a browse of our shop:

We are specialist bulk candle distributors. For all your winter and Christmas candles, The London Candle Company guarantee RAL quality certified, long burn candles.

For some Christmas candle and scent ideas:

The London Candle Company Blog: 4th November 2016:

50 Days Until Christmas

We can’t believe it’s an incredible 50 days until the big day. To get you on the Christmas spirit, we The London Candle Company has a huge range of Winter & Christmas candles.

  • Red Pillar Candles
    Red Pillar Candles

Winter Candles
Winter Candles

Candles for Winter
Candles for Winter

The London Candle Company Blog: 28th October 2016:

The Ultimate Guide To Visually Balancing Your Home

Our tapered dinner candles are featured in this article: For all your candles, candle holders, paraffin lamp oil and associated items:

Tapered Dinner Candles
Tapered Dinner Candles

The London Candle Company Blog: 25th September 2016:

12 ways to prepare your home design for winter

There are some great ideas here – and our large three wick candle is featured:

The London Candle Company Blog: 19th September 2016:

YouTube Product Videos from The London Candle Company

The London Candle Company Blog: 19th September 2016:

Homify Article: 9 simple ways to make your guests feel at home

We have been featured in a Homify article:

The London Candle Company Blog: 8th September 2016:

The Summer to Autumn Transition

It’s turned into a long, hot summer and we’ve loved the sunny days and the warm, lingering summer evenings. Hooray for a Great British summer, even though they can be rather hit and miss! Sadly though, the nights are starting to draw in and we are starting to contemplate and take solace in the approaching autumn. The thought of snuggling up under the throw, bathed in the soothing light of candles is actually a very comforting thought, and for the first time in a long time, we’re looking forward to cosy nights in.

We like this blog, and it gives some lovely tips on the forthcoming season:

The London Candle Company has the full range of bulk candles for the autumn and winter season.

The London Candle Company Blog: 18th August 2016:

Beautiful Glass Products

As we’ve mentioned before we love candles. We believe along with our German manufacturer Gala Candles, The London Candle Company supply the best quality candles to the UK market at the lowest prices. So you can afford to purchase high quality candles at rock bottom UK prices.

But we’re not just a hard wax candle supplier. Oh no. Candles of course need to go in beautiful candle holders, and we have a whole range of holders in stock and ready to dispatch. Hurricane lamps, floating glass, tea light holders and much more. Visit

The London Candle Company

The London Candle Company Blog: 26th July 2016:

Top Candle Bloggers

The team at The London Candle Company love candles. We think candles set a gorgeous atmosphere. A lovely, enchanting, captivating ambience. With this in mind, have a look at the following top 50 blogs on candles. Whether it be fragrance tips or candle making ideas, simply have a perusal of these bloggers sites when you have a spare moment.

The London Candle Company supply the best quality candles at the lowest UK prices. We deliver for free on orders +£50 and we deliver next working day for orders received before 12pm. And we do all of this because we love candles.

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Additionally to our website please find us on the following social media:








The London Candle Company Blog: 19th July 2016:

Featured in Homify

We are featured in a recent Homify article: 11 things your home craves this July!

If you think summer begins and ends with a little sunshine, you’re wrong! With some thought, you could be transforming your home and garden into a warm weather-ready slice of private heaven. With floating pond & swimming pool candles, citronella candles and bamboo tiki torches, The London Candle Company have all your outdoor candle essentials sorted.

Free Case 8 Hour Tea Lights July 2016 Offer
Free Case 8 Hour Tea Lights July 2016 Offer

The London Candle Company Blog: 28th June 2016:

Price Offer Alert

8 Hour Offer June 2016
8 Hour Offer June 2016

Our June 8 hour tea light offer – hurry as there are only a couple of days left to snap up 8 hour tea lights and save ££££££s.

The London Candle Company Blog: 19th June 2016:

Because We Love Candles!

Lovely candles at low prices. First of all, we love candles and we especially love candles which are high in quality and low in price. Purchase our 8 hour tea lights, a huge range of ivory pillar candles, high quality tapered dinner candles, or our 70 hour burn lowboy candles in glass. Contact us for your free sample or visit our shop: Because we love candles!

8 Hour Tea Lights
8 Hour Tea Lights

Pillar Candles
Pillar Candles

Lowboy Candles
Lowboy Candles

The London Candle Company Blog: 19th May 2016:

The Great British Summer

We firmly believe in celebrating the Great British summer. Are you hosting a party? Having a wedding? Looking for outdoor candles? For all your candle requirements and at the LOWEST UK PRICES visit our shop at  Pond & swimming pool candles, bamboo torches, a huge selection of pillar candles, hurricane lamps,  8 hour tea lights, tea light holders, scented candles and lots, lots more:

  • Bamboo Torch
    Bamboo Torch

The London Candle Company Blog: 17th May 2016:

Featured in a Homify Article

We are featured in a recent Homify article: “Reset the mind and body! The idea of the relaxing bath”.

The London Candle Company Blog: 31st March 2016:

Garden & Outdoor Candles, Bamboo Torches & More

With Spring and Summer fast approaching, we have a wide range of garden and outdoor candles, candle holders, hurricane lamps, citronella products, bamboo torches and lamp oil. To have a browse of our product range please visit:

140cm Bamboo Torch

Lowest UK prices. Bulk buy options available. Please call us on 020 7207 4458 or email with any queries.

The London Candle Company Blog: 15th February 2016:

Pillar Candles

Pillar candles and hurricane lamps. We have a huge range of pillar candles in stock: 50 x 100mm, 60 x 150mm, 70 x 200mm, 80 x 150mm, 100 x 200mm and much more. Visit our pillar candle page:

We are also featuered in a Homify article on glassware:

The London Candle Company Blog: 4th February 2016:

Sale Now On!!

SALE NOW ON!! For further reductions off our already low prices, please visit The London Candle Company sale page:

The London Candle Blog January 22nd  2016:

Valentine’s Day

VALENTINE’S DAY CANDLES, CANDLE HOLDERS AND INDOOR FLARES. Love is in the air – and The London Candle Company supply the full range of candles, candle holders, scented candles, celebration flares and more to help set the perfect, cosy, intimate atmosphere.

Red Pillar Candles
Red Pillar Candles

6 Hour Burn Night Lights
6 Hour Burn Night Lights

Valentines Candles
Valentines Candles

Red Dinner Candles
Red Dinner Candles

The London Candle Blog January 14th  2016:

SALE NOW ON!! For further reductions off our already low prices, please visit The London Candle Company sale page:

The London Candle Blog January 13th  2016:

Make your living room warm and cosy – The London Candle Company are featured in this Homify article:

Blog 31st December 2015:


The London Candle Company supply a HUGE RANGE of ivory single wick pillar candles in a variety of sizes . Our candles are manufactured in Germany by Gala Candles. Gala are a top European manufacturer, producing top quality candles. The candles are over-dipped which makes them candles drip resistant and increases their burn time. We are confident that our candles burn more consistently and for longer than our competitors. We supply a range of large three wick pillar candles, again with a long burn.

We supply pillar candles across the whole of London and the UK. Lowest, cheapest prices.


Pillar Candles Ivory
Pillar Candles Ivory UK

Blog 14th December 2015:

Are you interested in Indian Christmas decor ideas? The London Candle Company are featured in this Homify article, showcasing our beautiful floating and ball candles:

Blog 11th December 2015:

Homify have featured us in an article on candles.

For all your Christmas candles, please visit

Blog 17th November 2015:

If you’re a vegan and you want your house to reflect your plant-based diet, The London Candle Company can help.

Blog 11th November 2015:

With Christmas fast approaching, the London Candle Company supply high quality candles, in bulk and at CHEAP prices. To view our full range please visit:

Blog 11th November 2015:

A further article on Homify: “How can you make your home more beautiful with glass”.

The link is here:

Blog 6th November 2015:

We have been featured in a Homify article:  “Create a relaxing reading nook”.

The link is here:

Blog 26th May 2015

With summer fast approaching, we just wanted to remind all our customers that The London Candle Company supply the full range of candles for the outdoors.  We have lowboys, citronella candles, pillar candles, lanterns, candle holders, bamboo torches, paraffin lamp oil, rechargeable/battery candles and much, much more.

If you are involved in a corporate event, wedding, summer fete, garden party, music festival or if you are staging an event anywhere in the UK, you can be assured that The London Candle Company will supply the best quality products at the LOWEST prices. Plus, you can save even further when you use code WEB15 at checkout to receive an additional 10% discount.

So our mission is to supply top quality products at low prices. But we do more than that – we deliver next working day for orders received before 12pm, we offer free delivery on orders over £50, and to top it all, we’re really helpful and nice. We look forward to working with you. Jon.

10th February 2015

The London Candle Company are candle experts. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Is there a difference in quality between a drawn, cast or pressed candle?

There is no quality difference due to the production method, only related to the raw materials used.

What are candles dyed “colour through”?

Colour was added to the liquid wax before the candle was made.

What should you pay attention to when lighting a candle?

Handle the wick with care, do not break it. Make sure that no foreign objects or debris (e.g. match tips) fall into the liquefying wax (wax pool).

Why do foreign objects and debris (e.g. match pieces, wick pieces, insects) have to be kept away from the wax pool?

Foreign objects soil the wax, which clogs the wick. The absorptive capacity of the wick might be reduced. Foreign objects can also catch fire and act as a second wick. As a result this second flame may destroy the candle. This might especially be the case when the foreign matter is at the edge of the candle. The candle edge is breached and the candle keeps on running.

How long should a pillar candle burn so that it burns down evenly?

At least long enough to completely fill the melt pool with liquid wax. Otherwise the candle may form a funnel if it is burned too often for a too short period of time.

How can sooting and flickering be avoided?

a) sooting candles:
The wick is too long. Trim the wick in small increments until it no longer produces soot.

b) flickering candles:
Usually draught is the cause. However, the candle could also have a lack of oxygen (e.g. when pillar candles have a high edge and the flame is sunken). The edge of the candle should be trimmed down.

When might candles possibly drip?

When the room is too warm, the candle is not placed straight, the candle is subjected to draught or air conditioning.

Why do candles of various colours sometimes drip more or less?

The colour pigment level might be too high so that the optimal absorptive capacity of the wick is limited. This can arise particularly with dark colours or fully dyed candles.

How can we stop the candle burning at a tilt and the liquid wax running out?

If a draught is pushing the flame to one side, either stop the draught or rotate the candle. Should the wick bend over to one side, however, gently straighten it when it is still warm.

Why do some candles burn with a very small flame?

In gerneral, the chosen wick is too small or colour pigments clog up the wick.

Why should candle wicks curve to the side while burning?

To be able to burn without residue while the candle burns, the wick requires oxygen. And oxygen only reaches the tip of the wick, if the wick curves out of the flame.

Why is there often a left-over of pillar candles that doesn’t burn completely and thus can be regarded as loss?

Pillars are often not able to burn down completely because they have a hole for spikes at the bottom sometimes. As soon as the flame reaches the top of the hole, the wick loses its footing, topples over and the flame extinguishes.

What should be paid attention on when using flower arrangements, Christmas trees and chandeliers?

The candles should not be too close to each other because otherwise they heat up too quickly and start either to drip or to bend. Arranging candles one above the other might cause the top candle to burn irregularly as a result of heat rising from the candle below and it is inclined to bend. Candles are to be arranged on Christmas trees in a way that there is no combustible material (e.g. dry twigs) above them. A dry burning twig can quickly set the whole tree alight. To be on the safe side, you should always have a full bucket of water ready besides the tree. For flower arrangements, preferably candles of the same type and length should be used. Make sure there is no fire risk resulting from napkins and the like.

What should you be careful of when using tea lights in coffeepot or teapot warmers?

Air circulation must be good, i.e. there have to be ventilation holes in the teapot warmer and they must not be covered or closed. If the entire surface of a tea light starts to burn, it is usually the result of insufficient air circulation. In case of doubt, stop further use of the warmer.

What should you pay heed to when using glass candlesticks?

Glass candlesticks in which the candles – particularly the conical ones – are completely burned could crack because of the heat. This can be avoided by extinguishing the candle before the flame reaches the upper edge of the candlestick nozzle. Or alternatively, you can use self-extinguishing candles (these candles extinguish before reaching the glass edge) or special aluminium sleeves for the base of household or tapered candles.

How far apart are burning candles to be placed?

10-15 cm would be a rule of thumb. However, pay attention to the individual heat emission which might have an effect on the next candle. Room temperature looms large, too.

Some wicks develop swellings that look like knots at the tip when burning. What’s the remedy here?

What we have here are carbon deposits, so called “mushrooms”, which should be removed with a pair of special wick scissors. After all, these carbon deposits may contaminate the liquid wax and thus impair proper candle burning.

Why do some candles simply go out?

A candle can go out on its own if the wick is not stable enough, tips over and drops into the liquid wax. It can also be caused by the wick clogging as a result of colour dyes or other impurities, when the wick has not sufficient suction and when no wax is being conveyed.

What should be done when the wick still glows strongly once the candle has been put out?

It is quite natural for the wick to glow a little afterwards. If it really glows strongly, you can dip the wick into the liquid wax and put it in an upright position then.

What is the best way to extinguish a candle?

If the candle diameter allows it, the wick should be dipped into the liquid wax with a pair of scissors or another metal object, and immediately straightened again. This prevents the wick from continuing to glow, provides it with wax for being lit again and protects it from breakage when it is cooled down. You can also extinguish the flame with a candle snuffer. Never blow out a candle.

How can you remove wax spots, especially coloured ones, from clothing?

Lay 1 or 2 sheets of blotting paper on the wax spot and iron over it with a hot iron (without applying steam). Repeat this as often as necessary until the wax is absorbed. If colour spots remain, have them removed by professional cleaning.
Sometimes, even coldness works. Put some ice on the wax or place it in the fridge. The low temperature makes the wax brittle and it can then be carefully removed. Candle holders or, for instance, glass containers can be placed in hot water to dissolve the wax.

Why do some candles splatter or crackle?

This is a sign that the wick has taken in moisture. Changed air humidity can cause this, especially when a candle is kept outside overnight.

Can candles be kept forever?

Candles generally can be kept for an unlimited period as long as they are properly stored. Always place long candles (taper candles, household candles, thin pillar candles etc.) flat when storing! Otherwise the effect of warmth can deform them.
High fat-content candles can give rise to the packaging (plastic film, paper, cardboard) becoming discoloured or soft. But this is of no significance at all for the candle itself.

Lighting a new candle

Place the wick upright when lighting a new candle.

Can you be sure that a candle is really produced on the basis of 100 % beeswax when you read such an inscription?

Yes, because the manufacturer guarantees the correct labelling of the candle.

Why do candles made of 100 % beeswax sometimes have a greyish-white layer on the surface?

It is a matter of the specific characteristics of beeswax that a specific grey mould can form on the surface after a certain storage time. You can regard this layer as an evidence for the authenticity of the material.

Because how can conical candles be stabilised in a non-fitting holder?

Candle is too thin:

a) fix an adhesive wax slice at the bottom of the candle and press it in the candle holder.

b) pour some liquid wax of a burning candle on the bottom of the holder and fix the candle on it.

Candle is too thick:

a) scrape off some wax from the bottom of the candle.

b) put the cone of the candle in warm water and form it by hand so that it matches with the holder.