Floating Candles

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Floating Candles. High quality, low priced and long burn standard floating candles available in a range of colours. The London Candle Company supply the best quality candles. Popular for use indoors in a bowl of water or outdoors in a pond or swimming pool. A stylish decoration and interesting alternative to standard candles. Perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere our candles have a long burn time and they burn with a good sized flame.

Additionally, The London Candle Company supply giant maxi floating candles. These are a larger version of our standard candles and they have an impressive long burn time.  You will also find our floating glass candle holders – simply fill with a tea light candle. We also supply ball candles.

We offer free UK delivery for orders over £50 plus vat. Buy in bulk and save. Bulk buy and group purchase discounts available.


The London Candle Company