Floating Candles

Floating Candles

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Floating Candles. High quality, low priced and long burn standard floating candles available in a range of colours. The London Candle Company supply the best quality candles. Our candles are manufactured to the highest specifications using the best paraffin wax and wick. The candles have a long burn time and they burn with a good sized flame.

Popular for use indoors in a bowl of water or outdoors in a pond or swimming pool. A stylish decoration and interesting alternative to standard candles. Perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Additionally, The London Candle Company supply giant maxi floating candles. These are a larger version of our standard candles and have an impressive long burn time. You will also find pond and swimming pool candles in our range. These impressive, large candles are designed to burn really effectively outdoors and they are long burn too. We also stock floating glass candle holders.

Free UK delivery for orders over £50 plus vat. Buy in bulk and save. Bulk buy and group purchase discounts available.


The London Candle Company

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  • Giant Maxi Floating Candles

    Giant Maxi Floating Candles WHITE (Case 80)

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    £62.72 ex Vat (£75.26 inc VAT)
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  • Ivory Floating Candles

    Floating Candles (Case 250)

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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  • Pond and Pool Floating Candles

    Pond and Pool floating-candles-candles (Case 10)

    £29.80 ex Vat (£35.76 inc VAT)
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  • Ivory Ball Candles

    Ivory Ball Candles

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  • Floating Glass Candle Holder

    floating-candles Glass Candle holder (Case 48)

    £47.52 ex Vat (£57.02 inc VAT)
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  • Red Floating Candles

    Red floating-candles-candles (Case 198)

    £33.26 ex Vat (£39.91 inc VAT)
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