Florist Candles & Glassware

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Florist candles and glassware supplies. Our range includes high quality, long burn church altar candles, available in an extensive range of lengths and diameters to fit any candelabra. We supply pillar candles in white and ivory. Our pillar candles are manufactured in Germany, they are long burn and of the highest quality.

Tea lights are available in 4 hour, 6 hour and 8 hour burn, in both silver and clear cups, including the ever popular 8 hour clear cup tea lights. Additionally, you will also find in this section candle holders for tea lights, hurricane lamps for pillar candles, 10″ tapered dinner candles, extra long 16″ banqueting candles, glass floating tea light holders, maxi giant floating candles, liquid wax candles, LED candles and much more.

Unbeatable quality at the lowest UK prices from The London Candle Company. We deliver for free for orders over £50 plus vat. Buy in bulk and save. Bulk buy and group purchase discounts available; email

The London Candle Company

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